Best Ways to Take CBD

Best Ways to Take CBD

CBD has gained much prominence, going from a relatively unknown cannabinoid to one of the most popular compounds derived from the hemp plant. A subsequent boom in innovation now offers users a multitude of ways to take cannabidiol.

Each route of administration provides different benefits and results. Below, find out the most common ways to take CBD, the best products available, and everything else you need to know about each method.

What CBD products are on the market?

There are many different ways to get this versatile cannabinoid into the body, from adding CBD oil to drinks and foods to clouds of cannabinoid-rich vapor inhalation. Each method exists to meet the particular needs of individuals, as not all methods of consumption will be ideal for everyone.

That said, experimenting with the vast array of CBD products in each category will be the best way to find your preferred method. However, to help you along the way, this article covers all the information you need to know to take the first step.

Four Ways to Take CBD

The four routes of administration below don’t just change the way you ingest the cannabinoid, these also change the way it travels through the body. In addition, the fun of ingestion options allows users to play with their cannabidiol intake experience considerably. You are not limited to a single way of taking the cannabinoid, and can combine different methods to alter the duration of effects and speed of action.

Oral CBD

Simple and unobtrusive, oral CBD is an efficient way to dose the cannabinoid. Swallowing several drops of CBD oil provides the easiest and most direct way to consume the molecule. You can also add CBD oil to foods and drinks to mask the taste. However, there are also more exciting and tasty options – from gummies to infused desserts.

Oral CBD products

The Cibdol product range offers multiple oral CBD formulas. Our products feature different potencies of CBD and many infuse additional nutrients that add unique elements to each blend.

CBD Oil: Cibdol’s CBD oil is available in different concentrations. Produced from naturally grown hemp in the EU using top-of-the-line CO₂ extraction technology, this high-quality oil provides an unadulterated dose of CBD and terpenes. CBD oil can feature various carriers, such as olive oil, MCT oil or hemp oil.

CBD Softgels: these capsules are one of the most efficient ways to consume CBD orally, both at home and outside. Containing the same high-quality CBD oil as our range, these tasteless, odorless capsules are easy to incorporate into an existing supplement routine and involve no mess.

Liposomal CBD Oil: Liposomes are a form of nanotechnology that delivers active ingredients to their target cells and accelerates bioavailability. These “cocoons” safely transport the cannabidiol along the tortuous digestive tract and directly to its site of action.

CBD Isolates: the most concentrated form of CBD, these crystals contain 99% pure CBD. Use them to create your own CBD oil, sprinkle them on foods, or mix them with drinks for a high-quality dose of CBD anywhere, anytime. These are intended for more advanced users who want to make their own natural blends.

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