Not About Paint

I recently viewed the current exhibition Not About Paint at the Steven Zevitas Gallery in the South End. Immediately struck by the brilliant lay-out of the gallery, I chuckled to myself as I viewed each work and read the statement. How clever! Each artist in this show is loyal to painting, but are breaking through the limitations of traditionally working on canvas. The artists use installation, video, sculpture, and every-day materials to re-think the conventional art practice in hopes of redefining it. Focused more on the object painted on and its presentation, these artists discuss the shift in contemporary painting.

 In this photo, our Exhibition Assistant, Dave, watches a video by Alex Hubbard where the artist films himself spackling, spray painting, and rearranging a car. The lines, shapes, and overall compositions of the car, as the painter’s subject, alter in front of the viewer.

Curated by Evan, J, Garza, the artists included are Sarah Braman, Alex DaCorte, Alex Hubbard, James Hyde, Cordy Ryman and Jessica Stockholder.

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