About Us

We are a group of tech blogging enthusiasts who love art and tech and believe that these two should only go together. We are not interested in bad art, which we think is art not of the 21st century. With the changing tastes of consumers, modernity and art are coming together intertwined and almost everything we do today can be deemed as art. Just like how a worker making something in a factory can be seen as a portrait or still art by others, we can also see technology and its advances as relating to artistic means of living.

In this blog we will be writing about all the things we can think about. While this blog is only run by myself and my brother, Blaine, we will do our best to come up with unique and interesting content for you readers every now and then. If our content is not interesting or good enough, do feel free to send us an email at our Contact Us page. Otherwise, we hope that everything you read here is something that is interesting for you and that we will be able to entertain you as much as we write what we want.